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SWOP 2015 Exhibition summary
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  2015 Shanghai World of Packaging(SWOP 2015) will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre(Sniec),China in November 17th-20th. our comapny have received some relatively obvious concern and effect.

  As the first packaging exhibition, zhejiang zhongsu screw co.,Ltd play the advantages of our company's packaging series of screw, And a variety of packing screw design and sample,received a lot of attention from domestic customers.Of course, also attracted a lot of customers from Hongkong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the middle east.

  According to statistics, During the four days of packaging exhibition, our company received a total of hundreds of effective customers. And some are well-known domestic machine manufacturers. Relatively speaking, foreign customers in the exhibition of visitors in the relatively small proportion.

  In this SWOP 2015 exhibition, our company changed the design style of the previous exposition, in red tone, pay attention to more prominent style of innovation.

  In order to let more customers to know the latest developments of our company,Now we share the exhibition information as follows:

  Date: November 17th-November 20th,2015

  Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre(Sniec),China.

  Hall number: W1

  Booth number: A01

  Booth area: 72 square meters

  Products: injection molding machine barrel screw extruder barrel screw, parallel machine barrel screw, twin screw cylinder, etc.. A total of more than 30 sets of products to show the scene.

  Thanks to the new and old customers support to Zhejiang zhongsu screw Co., ltd.. We will pay more attention to product innovation and quality.


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