Hardness after hardening and Tempering:HB260°~320°
Nitrided Hardness:HV950°~1000°
Nitrided Depth:0.50~0.7mm
Nitrided Brittleness:above 2 stage
Surface Roughness:Ra0.4
Screw straightness:0.015mm
Hardess of surface chromium-plating after Nitriding:HV≥950HV
Chromium-plating Depth:0.05~0.10mm
ALLoy Depth:0.8~2.0mm
Alloy hardness:HRC56°~65°
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Planetary screw using the material:
Domestic material,38CrMoAlA,SACM645,42CrMo,
Use Switzerland-ShengBai company's top quality powder alloy steel-ASP60,ASP30,ASP25,through the whole vacuum quenching,tempering process two times,is especially suitable for high wear,high corrosion products processing requirements.
Use Japan high speed tool steel:SKH51,SKH55,SKH59 etc,especially suitable for high wear products.Planetary roller extruder consists of a central spindle,a planet shaft,rolling barrel,outer shell,heating and cooling and the nozzle.Structure of the module system,has good flexibility.The contact area is the previous single shaft and two-axis extruder five times,and the section shape of molten material in favor of the highly dispersed and uniformly,so it can get high quality products.
And it's mainly used for heat sensitive materials,hard and soft PVC calender with discharging.Can also be used for the extrusion of ABS,TPO,TPU and filled polyolefin smoke and binder mixture.Now in the powder coating industry achievements.Chemical and food industry is also expanding application.Having good raincoats,plastic film materials,salt film,home textiles packaging.plasticizing effect,self-cleaning performance,high output,long span life etc.

Technical parameter:

model DMG-WE140 DMG-WE150 DMG-WE170 DMG-WE190 DMG-WE240
driving power(kw) 119 132 160 180 250
The Lord screw speed(r/min) 3-60 3-60 3-60 3-60 3-60
Forced feeding power(kw) 7.5 7.5 11 11
Heat conduction oil requirements(dm3) 400 400 400 600 600
PVC transparency extruder output(Kg/h)Max 500 600 900 1100 1800
PVC coloured hard piece extruder output(Kg/h)Max 700 800 1100 1300 2000
PVC soft film extruder out put(Kg/h)Max 900 1000 1200 1500 2400

Planetary screw specialized in:
1.rigid PVC products:plastic sheet,PVC medical PVC sheet,PVC card substrate,PVC poker card material,PVC watches sheet,colored PVC sheet.
2.semi rigid PVC products:semi rigid PVC adhesive tape,printing cloth,advertising materials,light box cloth,decorative materials(film).


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