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      Zhongsu company's growth,can not do without each person's hard work and dedication;Zhongsu company's growth,can not do without all sectors of cooperation partners and all circles of society support and help.Hereon,for the long-term support and concern in plastic partners to extend my sincere thanks.
      Since Zhejiang Zhongsu screw Co.,Ltd inception,we inherit the experience of old generation,and absorb the new technology,and continue to move forward,and finally growing up a new star in the machinery industry.Our Company based on technological innovation as the lifeline of enterprise,the formation of"zhongsu design team",and passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification.The sales network throughout southern China,have the ability to provide customers with the screw barrel design,manufacturing,testing,installation,repairing and other one-stop service,focusing on the plastic machine products.
      From the venture so far,we always adhere to the"create value,self achievement"for the business philosophy,to the "pragmatic,professional,harmony,self-discipline,harmony"as the spirit of enterprise.We keep the introduction of talent,learning advanced science and technology,strict requirements of every employee,a good grasp of every process,to ensure product quality in order to meet the needs of our customers.In the human resources strategy,we always adhere to the"fair competition,appoint people on their merit,post their positions,give full scope to the talents strategy",respecting science and technology,talent,to create a good development platform,vigorously promote the construction of exterprise culture,guide the development of enterprisese with advanced ecterprise culture,lead and train their sense of social responsibility,dedication and entrepreneurial spirit,improve the staff's team spirit and cohesion;in the marketing strategy.We always adhere to the"sincerity oriented,credibility Liye"spirit of cooperation,to provide"active,fast,good,satisfaction,"service mode.Zhongsu Screw Starts from small to large,not only forming a good market foundation and customer groups,casting in Zhongsu Screw brand,and continuously improve thecomprehensive economic strength of the company,according with the company's long-term strategy step by step toward our common ideals forward.
      Yesterday's achievement has become history,today's efforts for tomorrow's brilliant cornerstone.I believe that with the support from all staff of the joint efforts,Zhongsu Screw can develop together with you,sharing a win-win.


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